sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2016

Ban Ki-moon: The Omission Samurai

   Apparently this little merry korean evidence to be a good person, but he was never been seen working for real. With so many problems to be solved in the world, the administration of the current Secretary-General of the United Nations prefers to solve everything in the old fashion, pretending that nothing happens, transferring the decision to the US and locking itself in the little rooms of the building in New York. Maybe there is no reason to do otherwise.

   Some people think that do politic is just wearing a suit and having a signature that no one understands, unlike what the Mother Teresa of Calcutta does, a great example never followed. Ban Ki-Moon underestimates the intelligence of those who need the promised help and this never comes.

  One more war in Palestine, billions of dollars sent into the pockets of politicians, who like Yasser Arafat (former Palestinian leader) have bank accounts stuffed, while children die, people eat trash and the leader of the "United Nations" smile for those. This misery is planned in another repetitive UN conference on Palestine, a theater for the American president to once again appear on the photo as a Nobel Peace Prize, "ending" the war, at least until the next election. 
  The UN that once had a nazi leader for almost 10 years (Kurt Waldheim 1972 - 1981), now the omission samurai leaves and enters Jabba The Hutt (António Guterres), eater of little children immigrants.

Jabba The Hutt (Star Wars)
António Guterres (New UN's leader)