segunda-feira, 16 de janeiro de 2017

Why is sea water salty?

The ocean is a vast proliferation of life immersed in a vastness of water. Simple questions like the salinity of sea water, never been properly answered by scientists. My blog returns with the goal of answering it.

Oceanic water is composed of 77.5% of sodium chloride, known as Salt, the main theory accepted today is that the rivers washed the continents and then they delivered the salt present in the mountains to the sea, but the obvious question that i ask is: why the rivers are not salty? Unanswered question. The truth is that there is the difference of depth between one and the other, the shallow river has a much lower water pressure and the deep sea has a greater pressure.

The sea water in bigger quantity and much more deep, presses more intensely the beings that inhabit the ecosystems present in it, these beings according to the theory of Charles Darwin had to evolve in order to adapt to the difficulty of living in the place and With this they acquired in their composition a salt characteristic (the salt is an excellent preservative) and thus the sea was becoming salty.